Frequently Asked Questions

We have several teachers who want to use the material. How do we sign them all up?

We give each school the ability to manage their own account users.

To do this please follow these steps.

1.  Register an account on the "Sign Up" page.

2.  Register all the staff that would like to use the resources, (each teacher who wants to use it can sign up individually using their own email addresses).  Make sure they enter the same school MOE number.

3.  Nominate one person to be the account manager. 

4.  Email us at with the name of your chosen account manager and we will activate their subscription and give them 'school' rights.  

4.  The Account Manager for your school can see all the users registered under the school subscription and enable the subscriptions themselves.  

Each year we send a list of the users we have against your account with the subscription and the Account Manager can double check that those teachers are still part of your staff.  Should a teacher leave during the year the Account Manager at your school can unsubscribe them.  

You may also add any teachers who join your school throughout the year at any time during your active subscription.

What books do you have worksheets for?

We now have well over 1000 resources covering Levels 1 - 23+ (Magenta to Silver) !  

We have worked our way through a decile 1 school's bookroom and have covered all books there.  This means that we sould have most of the government supplied Ready to Reads alongside many from other publishers such as the different PM series, Kites, Sails, Storybox, Sunshine etc.  We are now beginning to revisit some books with different learning intentions and cover books we had not had access to by using the material in a decile 10 school's bookroom.

Are there only worksheets available?

At this stage we are focussing on getting as many worksheets up as we can for you all to have a good selection. In the next year we plan to develop week long Shared Book units and accompanying follow up material.  

We have also begun producing Generic worksheets that can be used with any book, Alphabet Practice activities, and we are including Maori Language in a lot of our new material.

Is there only one worksheet for each book?

No,  Many of the books already have two or more worksheets, each with a different learning intention.  We will continue to produce new material and over time we will have an increasing number of LIs for each book we access.

Where did the Learning Intention list come from?

We sourced the learning intentions from a variety of different places, compared and reviewed them and then added the ability to reinforce skills taught earlier or introduce advanced skills.  The LIs will never be a finite list and will be something we will be continually researching and refining.

GLR Learning Intention List.pdf

Can we teach using this material?

Yes, absolutely !! 

These resources are designed as follow up material for guided reading.  They are generally used to reinforce skills that will have already been taught.  We have had teachers feedback that they use them for, independent follow up activities in class, homework sheets, Learning Journey assessment tasks, whole class and small group shared book activities, partner activities, Teacher Aide collaboration and the list goes on... It is really up to you how you use them.  Please do share your ideas on our Facebook page too.

Our website may also give you an indication of what learning intentions can be found in the books you use.

Can we search for a publisher?

Yes. You can search by Publisher, Topic, Author, Colour, Learning intention and Thinking Skill and Title.  You can also do a keyword search which will help you find a specific book.