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Annual Subscriptions cover all sign ups from your school. 

School Roll sizes are taken from TKI listing.


School Size
 ( A one off $25 account set up fee is required 
for NEW subscriptions)
RTLB Cluster (10 Educators)  $75 (+ $25) +gst 
 1-50 Students  
  $75 (+ $25) +gst 

 51-150 Students  
$175 (+ $25) + gst

 151-500 Students  
$250 (+ $25) + gst

 501+ Students

$325 (+ $25) +gst
 Individual User
(Includes extended copyright license
for Relief teaching in multiple schools)

Autumn Special 

 $45.95 (incl gst)

(Use the code Autumn at the end of your postal address)

(Subscription Autumn special is for 1 Teacher License only)
Special ends: 31 May 2019

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Subscriptions run for 1 year from the date of activation.  

They are school wide and give access to all staff in your school.  (except Individual Subscription which is a single user account)

They are renewable annually. 

If you don't have an MoE number please Contact Us, we would love to hear from you and will arrange an account code.  

By completing our form and accepting our terms and conditions you are registering yourself or your school for a 12 month subscription.   An invoice will be generated and emailed to the address provided and a if a school subscription a copy sent to your school.